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TABIMORI is a hospitality app which forms just one more tier in the drive by Narita Airport (NRT) to assist visitors to Japan from overseas.
It provides the answers for any problems, anything you need to know or anything you want to find out while in Japan!

As well as highlighting the customs and culture of Japan and providing basic information such as phrases, it also enables the user to access essential information and functions while in Japan such as weather forecasts, connection information and currency conversions without the need to launch other apps.
As well as working in conjunction with to provide tourism information, flight information and information on Japanese souvenirs, the app also provides information on what to do in certain emergencies and has a list of embassies.
With links to free Wi-Fi information and voice translation apps, TABIMORI offers handy assistance for a comfortable, convenient trip.
We recommend this to everyone visiting Japan.

■ TABIMORI Features
▽ Contents available in offline mode
A host of convenient functions that can be used without an Internet connection.
The app can be used even in locations where Internet access is not the best.

▽ Clip function
Pages that have been viewed, such as tourism information, etc., are stored in the app and can be viewed again without the need for Internet access. Required information is updated on line on free Wi-Fi services at hotels etc. and is always available while traveling even without an Internet connection.

■ Functions
▽ Life and Culture Information
・ Guides to using trains and buses.
・ Menus with photographs of dishes popular with overseas visitors.
・ Simple introduction to traditional cultures and conventions in Japan.

The app is interlinked with, the world's No. 1 portal site for information on Japan among visitors to the country, visited by around 2 million users every month.
Latest tourism information can be obtained by accessing the site from the section within TABIMORI, and this can then be browsed offline using the clipping function.

▽ Weather Forecasts
・ Three-hourly and weekly weather forecasts for all areas in Japan.
Information source: Weathernews Inc.

▽ Speech Translation
・ Access to NariTra provides voice and text translations between Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean, etc.
* NariTra must also be installed.

▽ Currency Converter
・ Up to date conversion rates between the Japanese yen and more than 30 other currencies.
Information source: Greenport Agency Co., Ltd.
* Calculates using the median rate between the sell and buy rates of the currency.

▽ Transfer Guide
・ Simply input departure station and arrival station to list connections.
・ Select the best route based on average traveling time, number of connections and fare.
Information source: HyperDia (Hitachi Systems, Ltd.)
* No interaction with timetables.

▽ Free Wi-Fi Guide
・ Linked with Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi (provided by NTT Broadband Platform, Inc.)

▽ Souvenir of Japan
・ Spotlight on Japanese souvenirs which are popular with visitors from abroad.

▽ Phrase Book
・ A collection of Japanese phrases for various situations

▽ Emergency Manual
・ This is an easy to understand explanation with illustrations of action to take immediately after an earthquake and how to evacuate

▽ List of Embassies
・ List of embassies in the event of an emergency or a problem arising while in Japan

▽ Flight information
・ Links to pages containing flight information at major airports in Japan

■ Note
・ Some functions may be difficult to use depending on network and server conditions.
・ Information display for individual functions may include unedited content from other web sites. Users of the app should check the accuracy of the information displayed.

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