ABC Learning Games for KIDS



This application is made for kids’ education. It helps preschool kids to learn about the appearance and name of Letters in both Uppercase and Lowercase while keeping them entertained. It includes high definition graphics matched with cute sounds and high quality recordings of letters and words.


This will help children to learn about the appearance and name of each alphabets by playing the audio files of each alphabet. This activity teaches letters and objects starting with that letter. Each letter will relate to an Animal with its real picture and sounds, along with this there will be a Human voice pronouncing the letter, the name of the animal and the animal sound. This would help children to become familiar with the alphabets, animals and their sounds.

It teaches kids on how to write letters by providing step by step guide and dotted lines. Writing along dotted lines is a fun activity for kid. The interface shows the real illusion of writing letters.

It has two sections: Connecting Dots and Sequence.

Connecting Dots will help children to learn about the order of alphabets. It has 10 high-quality images. Random starting point.

Sequence will display draggable letters which need to be arranged in proper sequence. It helps children to learn the sequence of letters.

In this activity, kids are asked to find the right image that starts with the shown letter and play sound of that letter. This activity helps kids to recognize familiar words accurately.

Shows colourful letter pieces and asks kid to place these pieces on the right place which makes up the shape of the letter. Use attractive graphics and sounds for result.

This activity contains draggable letters which needs to be arranged to construct a full word. There are images and sounds associated with each word and letter. It improves vocabulary of child. Use nice graphics and sounds for result.

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