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Make and build your design, and send it away to your Adobe account

  • Clean, clear, and organized UI
  • Feels like InDesign
  • Rich text editing options
  • Easy sync to Adobe CC
  • Requires a large screen
  • Doesn't come with full Adobe features

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"Create your own graphic design"


For those looking to branch out in graphic design, or if you’re just away from your desk for far too long, Adobe Comp CC allows you to use your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to create designs right on the go. Right after signing in with your Adobe account (or signing up for a free one), you can pick and choose the preset size of your canvas, depending on your screen size. Then, you can free draw, with Comp CC supporting several drawing gestures. The layouts are saved in your CC account for later viewing and editing.


Adobe Comp CC is built from the ground-up for mobile, bringing with it a clean design and very intuitive user interface, feeling like InDesign for mobile. There are also rich text editing options, and syncs quickly and easily to your Adobe CC account.


I would strongly recommend being on a tablet, or at least a smartphone with a large screen, as most smartphones won’t have the size nor the flexibility to actually use this well. As this is a mobile app, don’t expect all the full features of desktop counterparts.

Daniel Adrian Sanchez

by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

Nov 24, 2016

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