Animal Sounds



Animal Sounds for kids - it develops an application for young children. Animals are divided into 4 groups: the wild, pets, insects and birds. This application is well suited to playing with the child, or to take a child for a while. The children are very keen look at pictures of animals and listen to the sounds of birds singing, snarling wild animals and so on. Listen to the sounds of animals and study them very exciting and useful for the development of young children.
Appendix zoo are developing games for children. Develops the application contains the following animals:
The dog
- Ivory
- Cow
- Rooster
- Donkey
- Horse
Wild animals:
- Bear
- Elephant
- Leo
- Monkey
- Tiger
- Wolf
- The Canary
- Dove
- Eagle
- Sokol
- Penguin
- Nightingale
- Bee
- Bumblebee
- Cicada
- Grasshopper
- The Fly
- Mosquito

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