Anpan Jump Catch



Anpan Jump Catch is a catch by jump! the recommendation perfect free game which a can play easily also by whom it is an application. An easy and pleasant jump action game. A popular Animated Anpan can enjoy much action&voice of a full ♪
[The method of play]
★Operation is easy! Only in a part for ♪ tap to have carried out as the tap of
the screen was carried out, many Anpan are the jumps ♪Tap! Tap!more tap!
★Game over when if it hits germ man attack with which a Anpan.
★item is caught in a jump a Anpan!Catch the curry man and plain bread man of an item, and it can score rise♪Aim at a high score!

By action and operativity like a flappy bird〔Flappy Bird〕,can enjoy like a shooting game.
Anpan Jump Catch game Anime Enjoy Since the tap of the screen is only carried
out, child can also can enjoy♪A popular Animated cartoon character Anpan is
kids boy & girl baby child like in the kindergarten or the nursery school.

please play with a Kids the Anpan Jump Catch game can be enjoyed with ♪tap can
be played! a screen Tap! Tap!jump!Animated cartoon character Anpan Jump&Catch! jump action game it is an application.Free app.

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