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Most downloaded application secure Play Store

#1 Application secure 50 plus nations.

50 Plus Million customers, supporting 24 languages.

AppLock can lock SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Facebook, Gallery, Market, Configurations, Calls and then any application you select, with abundant options, safeguarding your privacy.

AppLock can hide videos and pictures, AppLock enables you to definitely control photo and video access. Selected pictures vanish out of your photo gallery, and remain locked behind a simple-to-use PIN pad. With AppLock, solve these questions . call at your hidden pictures. Privacy done affordably!

With the aid of Application Lock, you might:

Never be worried about a buddy borrow your phone to experience games again!

Never be worried about a workmates get the phone to take a look again!

Never be worried about personal information in certain applications might be read by someone again!

Never be worried about your children may altering phone's Configurations, having to pay games, playing up it again!


1) How you can change password?

Open AppLock, left menu , configurations, Unlock Configurations

2) I hide AppLock icon, how you can open AppLock now?

You will find two methods to open it up:

1. dial pad

enter #password inside your dial pad, and tap call button to spread out AppLock.

2. Browser open this site inside your browser,

3) How you can stop others un-install AppLock?

Please enable Advanced Protection in configurations of AppLock, so nobody can un-install or kill AppLock without password.

You are able to disable Advanced Protection in configurations, when you wouldn't want it.

4) How you can un-install AppLock?

Once you enable Advanced Protection, nobody can un-install AppLock without password. If you wish to un-install it, open AppLock, left menu, scroll lower to last item, tap the un-install item to remove AppLock.

5) I didn't remember my passwordHow to locate it?

Tap AppLock icon to begin AppLock.

If you work with pattern lock, please switch to number lock.

Tap the 'forgot password' or '?' .

Should you remember security answer, you are able to totally reset passwords by security answer.

Enter your security answer.

Totally reset passwords.

Otherwise, you are able to totally reset passwords from your security email.

Get totally reset code in the application to totally reset passwords.

6) I am unable to relocateOrout my photo within the vault.

Book you internal space for storage, if perhaps 10% free ,system won't let's to maneuver file directly into vault.

7) Account Type

You will find three kinds of account within the Applock

1) Premium: compensated, premium features , no ad.

2) AD: free , premium features , ad.

3) Fundamental: free, no ad , no premium features.

You may choose your bank account in Account Center. first item in Left menu.

---- Features ---

Safeguards any applications using password or pattern

Photo Vault, hide pictures

Video Vault, hide videos

Personalize background, set your preferred photo


Fake cover

Profiles, simple to alter the locks

Automatic lock at with time

Automatic lock at given location

Random keyboard

Lock switch(Wi-fi compatability,BT,3rd generation/4G Data...)

Widget for convenient securing/unleashing

Locks incoming or outgoing calls

Locking system Configurations

Lock Google Play Store

Quick lock switcher on status bar

Re-lock policy: allow short exit, you don't need to unlock again

Prevent applications from being uninstalled

Hide AppLock's icon from launcher

AppLock could be avoided from being un-install

AppLock can't be wiped out by task murders

Little memory footprint and energy-saving

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