AppStats for Flurry



A fantastic, graphical view of how your App is being used. AppStats for Flurry lets you easily access the Flurry data that is being accumulated by your users and view it in a clear and beautiful interface.

Here at PaperKite we have used Flurry in many of the Apps that we have developed both for ourselves and for our customers. Frustrated with the web interface, and loving Native Apps, we decided to carry out a one-day App Hack(athon) to produce something delightful to let us quickly and easily see how our Apps are tracking - the result? AppStats!

Download this lovely App to:
- View your data in a slick and interactive graph
- See Daily, Weekly and Average stats
- Feel all warm and fuzzy in your tummy as you bask in the radiance of gorgeous graphs telling you really useful stuff about your Apps!

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