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Astrological Charts Free is astrological program for Android, which reports 11 types of astrological charts, contains, besides planets in free version , 6 asteroids and 14 fictitious points, including trans-Neptunian, and several lots in full and pro versions.

There is a choice of 11 house systems, 20 types of aspect with customizable orbs (in full and pro versions) and database of about 100000 places with specified time zones, so the difference with GMT is determined automatically, besides, you can add new place.

The program calculates exact dates of triggering aspects, periods of aspects by orb, moments of sign changes, lunar phases, midpoints and planetary hours in menu of main page.

Chart types:
- Transit/Natal
- Natal + Transit
- Synastry
- Secondary Progressions (1 day - 1 year)
- Zodiacal Directions (1 day - 1°)
- Directions for Arcs of the Sun, the Moon or a planet
- Profections
- Returns (Solar, Lunar and in Pro version returns of the Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn)
- Lunar Phase
- Composite
- Middle

This is the best Android app for Astrology!

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