AutisMate's award-winning comprehensive solution can be personalized to each user and progresses with the changing needs of the individual. This enables users to develop communication and life skills simultaneously, allowing each skill to build on the other.

AutisMate’s comprehensive visual supports allow you to create contextual environments that are perfect for all ages and accommodate a wide range of ability levels, from individuals that are just beginning to communicate to those that are verbal and using visual supports to promote independence.

With AutisMate’s easy to use interface, you can create personal visual supports in seconds, or download what you need from our content library to quickly get YOUR AutisMate up and running.

Visual Scene Displays (VSDs)
Full Sentence Builder (Grid-Based AAC)
Video Modeling
Visual Schedules
Visual Stories
Content Library
GPS Enabled

AutisMate is being used for those with:
Cognitive impairments
Developmental delays
Speech impairments
Intellectual disabilities
Cerebral Palsy

School systems, contact us about site licenses for TeachMate, our solution for school district implementations, and on-site as well as virtual training.