Auvergne, France GPS Navigator



Offlineosmsoft Incorporated has developed a perfect mobile app for you - Auvergne, France GPS Navigation & Maps.

No marketing gloss now, just facts.
Two apps in one:

1. Navigation with voice prompts (turn-by-turn).
- voice route guidance;
- fast routing.

2. Offline vector Travel Map (OSM):
- cutting-edge map technology;
- various search functions.

This is what you get with Auvergne, France GPS Navigation & Maps.

So - now for the gloss :-)
* Gives you full-fledged turn-by-turn navigation. Functionality such as speed warnings, street sign displays and much more is of course included. Entirely offline (see below).

* With Auvergne, France GPS Navigation & Maps you need worry no more about orientation. No need for paper maps. No matter where you are or where the journey takes you, OpenStreetMap is available to you everywhere.

* Full-fledged Navigation with voice prompts (turn-by-turn)
* Complete interactive OpenStreetMap
* Offline vector map with good coverage
* High-performance map technology
* Route planner (vehicle, pedestrian, bike)
* Various map styles (e.g. night, outdoor)
* Various search functions
* Convenient favorites lists (bookmarks)

So Auvergne, France GPS Navigation & Maps is the perfect companion when you are on the move.
Wherever you are. Maps as you need and want them. To do this the app uses the maps of the superb OpenStreetMap (
Experience for yourself what more than one million mapping enthusiasts worldwide have made possible with OpenStreetMap.

Download Auvergne, France GPS Navigation & Maps now!
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