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Badabee will forever change the way you communicate with friends…from anywhere in the world!
Join us and see why we are more than just the best SMS gateway.
With Badabee App you can send SMS to all countries and all operators.
With our user friendly interface you can send SMS easily by selecting international country codes from our countries drop-down menu.
You can also send SMS to your friends, by selecting a contact from your contact list.
Finally you get access to a list of amazing app downloads.


  • You can select from a list of all available countries.

  • Get automatic international Code Identification/

  • Use phone number directly from your contacts with the press of a button

  • Browse through a list of free Apps, updated regularly


Can I send SMS everywhere?
Yes you can send SMS to all carriers all over the world, no limitations!
What do I need to send SMS?
You can send SMS via wifi our your 3G/4G network, in any case you need access to the internet to access the service.
I can’t log-in to the Badabee, Why?
You have to complete successfully the registration process in order to get access to our service
I have no credits, why?
You have to complete successfully the registration process in order start using our service.
I want to unsubscribe from the service, what do I need to do?
To unsubscribe please visit"" target="_blank">
Note that the service is still active in case you only delete the application from your phone.

For any questions contact us @">
Or visit or Website

Cost of Service is
SG | S$6.42/Week
PH | P10.00/day
SE | 9 SEK VAT included/ day
ID | Biaya Layanan IDR 2,200/hari
MY | Kos Perkhidmatan adalah RM6/minggu
PL | Koszt uslugi to PLN 2.46/dzien z VAT
CL | $200 IVA incl. / dia

GT | IVA Incluido: Tigo Q2.00 / Dia y Claro Q1.50 /Dia
DK | 25kr. pr. uge

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