Barcode Reader



Barcode Reader is an essential app for every Android device. Barcode
Reader is QR scanner, Barcode scanner and QR creator
all in one convenient application. Enable your phone to scan, read,
decode,create, share QR codes and Barcodes. QR & Barcode Reader
is unlike other similar apps fully-featured QR utility where all functions
including premium functions and all different formats associated with QR codes
and Barcodes are included and supported, for free.

Barcode Reader is extremely fast and easy to use tool, simply select desired
action from convenient menu and follow the onscreen instructions. To scan
QR code or Barcode using camera on your device, simply point your camera to
code you wish to scan and app will automatically detect and scan it. No need
to press any buttons or take photos. You can even set QR & Barcode Reader to
auto start camera scan when opening the app (in Settings) for faster use.
By using the phone's camera, this app will quickly scan and recognize the information
of one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code.

Main functions:
* BarCode Scan
This app is equipped with auto focus, fast recognition and automatic decoding function.
Even if it cannot automatically recognize the code, it supports manual input to search.
Easy to use!
How to use: keep the phone camera at 10cm above the bar codes,the app will decode automatically.
This app also provides batch scanning function, you can scan multiple barcodes at one time.
Scan results will be recorded in history, you can check after scanning.
You can DECODE text, urls, ISBN, email, contacts information, calendar events
and much more with a single click using your smartphone camera, image files,
online codes.
* To use the "Barcode QR Scanner" , your device must have a built-in camera.
If the scan codes to online content ( such as websites ) , you will need internet access.
To scan product bar code , the device must have an auto -focus function

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