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Battery Checker indicates the battery charge level of your device. Battery Checker is a app that will help you follow the current battery percentage on your Android device.

Battery Checker It displays:
• Temperature
• Voltage
• Health status
• Technology

Battery Checker has been tested and optimized for phones:

Google - Nexus Galaxy
HTC - HTC Incredible S
HTC - HTC Desire
HTC - HTC Desire S
HTC - Desire HD
Sony Ericsson - Xperia X10
Sony Ericsson - LT18i
Sony Ericsson - MT15i
Sony Ericsson - MK16i
Sony Ericsson - SK17i
Samsung - GT-I8150
Samsung - GT-I9000
Samsung - GT-I9001
Samsung - GT-I9003
Samsung - GT-I9100
Samsung - GT-I9103
Samsung - SGH-I897
Samsung - GT-S6102
Samsung - GT-N7000
Lenovo - A750
Lenovo - A1_07
LG - P690
LG - P970
Motorola - MB525
Étoile N8000 (Chine) - e1808_v75_jbl1
Star (Chine) - A7272 +
Apanda - apanda-A80S
ZOPO - ZP100

Battery Doctor is best free ultimate battery saver that extend your battery life up to 50%. Get detailed battery information, save 2x battery power and give extra hours to the battery life.
Battery Doctor Smart saving and professional power manager!

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