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    Battery Indicator is the original battery indicator app for Android. Battery Indicator monitors and shows your battery charge level (percent) as an icon in your status bar, with temperature, health, voltage, and time since plugged / unplugged in the notification area.

    Battery Indicator - it's easy, free app that shows information about the battery in the status bar. This application will help you if you are not satisfied with the standard battery indicator of your device.

    -Automatic time-remaining estimates based on recent usage
    -Battery logging
    -Disable / reenable device lock screen / lockscreen / keyguard
    -Alarms (full, charge above X, charge below X, temperature above X, or health failure)
    -Lots of configurability of behavior and appearance.
    - Constantly displayed battery percentage in the status bar.
    - It's free!
    - Displays estimated time left to fully discharge or charge.
    - Displays colorful icon with exact percentage of battery level in status bar with one-percent accuracy.
    - Big readable digits in status bar.

    -Full support for all known screen resolutions
    - More coming soon.

    Battery Indicator is a lightweight application that displays battery information in Android's status bar. Perfectly clear, easy readable battery tool providing you quick and accurate information about power you have in your phone.

    - Lightweight program

    - Not battery drain.

    - Shows accurate data: Level, Temperature, Voltage, ...

    - Show battery percentage in your status-bar.
    - Automatically calculates remaining battery time based on your recent activity!
    - Does NOT consume any extra power.

    Battery Indicator indicates the battery charge level of your device. Battery Indicator is a small, sleek and elegant app that will help you follow the current battery percentage on your Android device, and even serve as a battery saver. With Battery Indicator, every time and everywhere you will know if your battery is charged enough to play a game, a movie, or to browse the web. There is no other battery app with such intuitive, neat and gorgeous interface as Battery Indicator has. The UI of Battery Indicator is as simple as possible, but tremendously practical.

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