We use cell phones, smart phones and tablets.

Every day it becomes one factor in the lives of people today already.

And it's important to make them work for us, so we'd recommend the battery saver for your mobile applications on smartphones and tablets for a long time.

Without worrying about the charger light during the day.


When triggered, each mode easily changes the next configurations to provide you with savings according to your demands in those days:

-Mode auto according to battery level and time.

-Most powerful, innovative savings functionality among mode-based battery savers.

-Effective, fully easy to customize widget with lots of toggle options.

Tasker & Locale Plug-in.

-Wi-fi compatability Enabled, Disabled, or Wise Wi-fi compatability.

-Mobile Data Enabled, Disabled, or Wise Data.

-Very lightweight and fast application.

-Simple and easy , clean interface.

-AutoSync Enabled, Disabled, or Wise Sync.

-Gps navigation Enabled, Disable, or No Change.

-Phone and SMS radio Enabled, Disabled.

-Screen Brightness -100%, or Auto.

-Screen Auto-Sleep and setting more.

-Ring Volume -100%.

-Vibration Enabled, Disabled.

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