Bee Kids Math



this application For Preschooler 2 - 8 years old.
have 4 learning :
1. Number
2. Addition
3. Subtraction
4. Pattern

have 3 game:
1. Count
2. Puzzle
3. Tapping bubble

this application very fun. Enjoy it.

Bee learning is educational applications for children aged 2-9 years, Bee learned to make the children can learn on their own in a fun way, within the Bee learn there is an interesting game for mengasa brains of children, start of the game: agility, riddles, and puzzles.

bee study has the scope of learning, among others: Numeracy, read, recognize numbers, to learn the Koran (Quran reading), learn letters Hijaiyah, studying fruit, animal learning. learning the letters in the English language, learning to count in English. etc.

This application is equipped with animated bee (bee) is interesting that will help children to learn and play.

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