BeSt safe web browser for kids




• a safe web browser for kids. Suitable or children from 3 years of age;
• a parental control program for tablets, thanks to which children aged 3-12 have an access only to secure websites.

A web browser for Polish websites was designed by Nobody’s Children Foundation and The Orange Foundation, and developed by PlikCenter Company.

A freeware application for Android offers the following features:

-a parental control tool

- easy access the access to more than 200 Polish websites for children with the BeSt Security Certificate

- denied access to the websites outside the Secure List Catalogue

-denied access to danger or
inappropriate links

-8 subject catalogues

-3 age groups: 3+,6+,9+

-a quick search by address or phrase

-a remark form for sites already available in BeSt

Thanks to the following BeSt functions the young user’s contact with internet dangers was minimalized. The internet data available in BeSt is judged by Nobody’s Children Foundation education specialists.

The program is also available for Microsoft Windows .

To learn more about program (site in Polish):

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