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Biftor Recorder Utilities V4.1

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1.Changed the name from Biftor Call Recorder to Biftor Recorder Utilities
2.Changed the app UI to Drawer UI
3.Added home settings(will explain all item that have at end)
4.Added Call Recorder(will explain all item that have at end)
5.Added Call Recorder Call Log(will explain all item that have at end)
6.Added Sound Recorder(will explain all item that have at end)
7.Added localization
8.Added rate option
9.Added DropBox Sync option
10.Change app graphic
11.Fixed bugs,crash and ...
12.Fixed need to reboot after change audio records source
13.and much more ...
Biftor Recorder Utilities V4.1 App Department :

1.Home Settings:

1.Ability to Set App password if you want(you can set your Password at openning app)
2.Ability to Record Directory Picker(you can set where do you want to save records from this option)
3.Ability to Zip your Sound Recorder or Call Recorder folder records folder
4.Ability to Send Email With attachment directly from app(you can send your records or any things by your gmail to other email)
5.Ability to Send Email to developer(you can send my gmail)

2.Call Recorder:

1.Ability to Enable or Disable Call Recording
2.Ability to show or hide recording notification
3.Ability to auto start after boot
4.Ability to change Audio Recording Source Default is MIC
5.Ability to change record output file format from 3gp,mpg,mp3,wav,amr and...
6.Ability to enable record my number only
7.and much more...

3.Call Recorder Log:

1.Show all your call records
2.All Your records have your phone contact name,number,photo,file name,open details and date of record on each records for play with my app media player =)) with many option
4.long tab on each records to open options
5.Ability to add details for each records(you can add your note for record)
6.Ability to share each records
7.Ability to delete each records or multiplie recors
8.and much more...

4.Sound Recorder:

1.Show you all records
2.Tab on each records to play
3.long click on each records for share,rename,play and delete
4.Ability to show you recording timer
5.Ability to save or discard your last record
6.Ability to keep recording on or off on background
7.Ability to keep your screen on or off while recording
8.Ability to change records output file format from 3gp,mpg,mp3,wav,amr and...
9.and much more...

5.Drop Box
1.Log in/Log Out
2.Ability to upload your call records
3.Ability to upload All your call records in your sdcard
4.Ability to Download your uploaded records
5.Ability to upload your records Automatically
6.Ability to Delete Automatically uploaded records from sdcard
7.Ability to upload your sound records
8.Ability to upload All your sound records in your sdcard
9.Ability to Download your uploaded sound records
10.Ability to upload your sound records Automatically
11.Ability to Delete Automatically uploaded sound records from sdcard

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