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What exactly IS a bless or a curse? When the big bad voodoo daddy puts a hex on you or the pope himself blesses you, are they invoking some sort of magical power that only they possess? Well, yes and no. Yes, they are tapping into a greater energy, but no, they do not have special access to it (even though they would like you to think so).

A perfect example of real magic is the 100th Monkey Effect. This is a phenomena that was discovered in 1985 at the Japan Monkey Center. They discovered that when a certain number of monkey had an 'idea' (like washing their potatoes before eating them), then other monkeys, totally isolated on separate islands, also 'caught' the idea.

This phenomena is not new to those familiar with blessings, spells and curses, because they know that thoughts, emotions and desires are akin to energy fields that one can tap into, and each thought, expression and desire that is in harmony with existing 'fields' will increase it's potential, and likewise, cause conflict with those 'fields that they are not in harmony with.

This has some fairly practical applications such as the psychological treatment called Thought Field Therapy, or Dr. Masaru Emoto's work showing how simple thoughts can radically affect the structure of water. Even quantum mechanics has joined the.. in fact, they kind of started the party, starting with Schrödinger's cat and Quantum tic-tac-toe all the way to Elitzur–Vaidman bomb tester and Quantum suicide and immortality! Who said science geeks aren't a fun bunch?

But in all these example and experiments, the one thing they all share, from the Heisenberg's microscope to the Witch’s of Macbeth, is they they are directing their intentions and their focus from the inner world (of consciousness and subjective perception) to the outer world, or 'reality', as we have come to all all that 'outside' us, in an attempt to manipulate, control, or affect the outside world and its arrows of outrageous fortune.

Really, this describes pretty much our everyday lives. We spend most of our life trying to do exactly that, but with more 'common' tools. However, not too long ago, mostly of what we consider quite mundane, but heavily depend on, would have had us burnt at the stake for conspiring with the devil... things like, kitchen appliances, phones, computers, radio, etc. The primary difference between our everyday magic and that of the Shaman is the tools. The Shamans and Saints understand that thought is energy that affects the 'reality' around us. And the key to manifesting those thought, or empowering (or battling) other forms of energy, is in the outward expression of that energy. This is the true meaning of 'ceremony', whether it be in a Catholic church or the Brazilian rainforest.

Even the simplest act, when done with intention, can be the cause to profound effects.. and that is the whole pint of this silly little phone app. It is a convenient way to act with intent, to perform a 'ceremony', even as humble as pressing some keys on your phone, to catalyse your inner energy of desire, love, anger, whatever, into an impulse that extends beyond us and into the 'outer' world.

Of course, we must also accept that our reality is just as well effected by our intentions. So it never hurts to double check your intentions before you aim and fire, because this really works!

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