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    The Point SDK for Android enables rapid development of location-aware apps.

    Unlike other location services methods, apps based on Bluedot Innovation's Point SDK can remain 'always on’ thanks to the patented power-saving technology at it's core.

    This Demo App allows you to experience the performance and features the Point SDK can deliver. You can define your own location-based scenarios through Bluedot Innovation's web-interface( , then trial it using this App. You can then integrate the Point SDK into your own app knowing that it works for you.

    The Point SDK allows you to reach your end-users at the most relevant place and time because it delivers the maximum achievable precision of GPS, but without the battery drain of traditional location services. This means the Point SDK enables location-based apps that were previously impossible.

    It delivers powerful functionality by providing pre-built actions, such as opening websites, playing audio and sending marketing messages. Your end-user's device performs these actions when they enter a precise location and can be turned on or off based on pre-set conditions, including the travel behaviour of customers or the date and time.

    The source-code of sample application for BluedotSDK is available at:

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