Building blocks Ninja Set



For every artist, the most important step in the creative process is the first one: inspiration. Inspiration is what electrifies and excites us enough to spend days, weeks, months, and even years creating. Inspiration for LEGO builders can come in an infinite number of forms. Perhaps it’s the climactic scene in the year’s most action-packed blockbuster or the lyrics of a great new song from your favorite musician. Or maybe it’s a trinket at a local antique store that leads you to imagine a scenario that you feel compelled to construct. No matter what inspires you, certain processes can help you get the most from your inspiration so that you can build the best model possible. I’ll describe how to look at the world and visualize your final model, help you set up your work environment, show you some basic building tools, and discuss the most useful LEGO elements to gather before you build.

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