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    Call Recorder free gives you the easiest way to record all your phone conversations and manage them.
    stable & reliable recording application available. Most competing products only Record Calls from your mobile's microphone at very low volumes. Record calls from both sides of the call line on more devices than ANY competing Call Recorder app.

    - Automatic recording of telephone conversations
    - Recording format Supports AMR, WAV, 3GPP & MP3 format with a choice of recording quality
    - Individual settings for incoming and outgoing "Save all ", "Do not write", "Record contacts only", "Record contacts not only " (only in the full version)
    - Can not save conversations lasting less than N- seconds (only in the full version)
    - Password Protection
    - Ability to record or not specific users (list of exceptions in the settings) (only in the full version)
    - Ability to change the place of storage of records
    - Automatic cleaning (deleting records older than N- days) (Only in the full version)
    - Language Support (English / Russian)
    - Ask to save the record after a call (Only in the full version)
    - Ability to disable notifications on the start / finish recording

    - In-Call Screen Recorder
    - Flexible Record Naming Tool
    - List/Exclude List for which calls to record

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