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Call through wifi calling unlimited to anywhere in the world. Call to Australia. Call with internet and call through wifi. Call with wifi app and wifi phone

Make international calls to Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Guam, Haiti, Mexico, Korea, Honduras, calls to Ghana, international calls to morocco, Nigeria, South Africa and many more. Make international calls from UK.

Cheap calling and cheap call international.
Using this app as a default dialer may interfere with dialing 911 emergency services.

Some of the countries Rates per minutes include as follow

Argentina = 3cent (0.6pence)
Australia = 2 cent ( less than 1p)
Austria = 1cent (less than 1pence)
Algeria = 7.7cent
Bangladaesh = 4cent (2pence)
BAHRAIN = 5 cent (3p)
BELGIUM = 1.7cent (1p)
BULGARIA = 2cent (1p)
CANADA = 0.6cent (0.3p)
South Africa = 2cent (1pence)
Nigeria = 7.7cent (less than <5pence)
Namibia = 5cent (less than <4pence)
Zambia = 7cent (4pence)
Ghana = 23cent (less than <14pence)
more rates at

No monthly call plans
No sim card require
✔ Try For Free
Risk-free $1 trial credit - Rates so low you can talk for over 30 mins* (depending on where you are calling) with the best crisp and clear voice just like a normal local phone call.
✔ Start Calling Instantly To Anyone, and Anywhere in the world
International calls just like any regular call, connected through your wifi wireless. No complicated prefixes to remember, no contact settings changes required.
Cheaper than Skype! More possibilities and better voice quality than Viber!
• No connection fee, no contracts, no hidden fees, tariffs including taxes
• Cheap international calls over SIP technology
• Use your own contacts from within the cheap calls app

Please note: that rates are correct at the time of publishing and can change anytime.

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