Canteens Munich



With the app "Canteens Munich" you get an instant overview about the menu of the current week (including prices and ingrediants) in Munich and surroundings. Canteens Munich is also providing informations to offerings and opening hours of all further establishments of the Munich Student Union.
Canteens Munich is the perfect for all students of the TUM, LMU, HM and further universties in and arround munich.

Canteens Munich is supporting the following Canteens of the Technical University of Munich, Ludwig Maximilian University and University of Applied Sciences Munich:

- Mensa Leopoldstraße
- Mensa Martinsried
- Mensaria Großhadern
- StuBistro Schellingstraße
- StuBistro Goethestraße
- Mensa Arcisstraße
- Mensa Garching
- Mensa Weihenstephan
- Mensa Lothstraße
- Mensa Pasing
- StuBistro Rosenheim
- StuCafé Adalbertstraße
- StuCafé Olympiapark
- StuCafé Mensa Garching
- StuCafé Mensa-WST
- StuCafé Akademie
- StuCafé Boltzmannstraße
- StuCafé Karlstraß
- StuCafé Pasing

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