Card Safe



Tired of memorising Website/School/Bank passwords?
Have many cards that you need to manage?

Easy to use:
1. Tap a card.
2. Save some data related to this card.
This can be a hint for your password, or a personal note on this card.
3. Tap the same card to get back the data.
4. Set up multiple card safes using different cards

Why this app is safe:
1. Everything is stored LOCALLY inside the app(not on the cards), nothing can get out of the app. (No permission to use Internet/External storage is required)
2. Both the card and the phone are needed to access the data. (If you lose either one of them, the data still remain inaccessible to others)
3. We are planning to add an additional layer of security measure in order to access the data, you can email us your suggestions.

Cards that work(tested):
NUS Matric Card
NTU Matric Card
DBS Debit Card
OCBC Debit Card

Cards that do not work:
EZ-link Cards
Concession Cards(NUS)
Concession Cards(NTU)

Your card is the "KEY".
This app requires NFC function on your phone to be enabled in order to work.
You are advised not to save your passwords directly into the safe.