Carroten Scan & Tan




The application proposes the appropriate suncare product that you will need to enjoy the Greek sun.

The Greek brand Carroten, number one in suncare products sales in Greek market*, knows better the demanding Greek summer conditions and provides you a friendly guide to select the appropriate suncare product.

* Nielsen, 2013 ScanTrack Plus

It is simple. Enter your age, gender, skin type, the sun protection you require and scan your skin using the camera of your device (smartphone or tablet).
It takes no more than a minute in total from the time you start until the recommendation shows up on your screen.

Extra features available on application:
•Presentation of new suncare products
•Useful tips for safe protection
•Link to Carroten site and Facebook page
•Athens weather in real time

Please note that the content on this application, including products, services and information may not be appropriate or available for any location outside of Greece.

Download the application now and enjoy this summer under the Greek sun!

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