CatroGenea is a family tree edtion tool running on Smartphone and tablet.
CatroGenea support French and English.
CatroGenea allows manual creation of individual and family , as well as the import file . Ged .
The import . Ged may be made at the root of the tree or in the individual current ( inclusion tree ) .
CatroGenea works with UTF8 charset , the export will be done with this charset ; import additionally supports the charset ISO-8859- 1.
CatroGenea works contextually , color different fields allows to know the possible operation :
- = Green edition
- Light blue = selection
- = Blue dialogue with choice of several actions
Contextual deletion:
- An individual can be removed if not child
- A family may be deleted if it has no child
- In the main view , the offspring of the individual current can be suppressed

The main menu CatroGenea empty tree provides the following features:
- Import ged to root.
- Help ...
- Exit
The main menu tree CatroGenea nonempty provides the following features:
- Individual ...
List of Individuals
List of roots
List of root of current name
List of leaves
List of root-leaves
Add root
Go to the root
Go to the individual default
Coherency check
- Family ...
List of families
Coherency check
- Export ... ged .
From root
From current
Below current
Entire database
- Tree ...
From root
From current
- Delete
All database
- Help ...
- Exit

For Individuals in the lists, the default collation is index ( created in the database) , but the ranking by name or date of birth is also possible.
For Families in the lists, the default collation is index ( created in the database) , but rank wedding date is also possible.

CatroGenea creates a / CatroGenea directory in the internal memory .
It is from this directory that the import and export operations will take place .
Use a file manager to copy your initial .ged file in this directory.