Cell Phone Tracking




    If you’ve lost your phone, or you’re worried about what your child might be up to after school, you can use GPS technology to track a phone and locate it with pinpoint accuracy. The methods vary depending on if you’re tracking your own phone or someone else’s. Read on after the jump to learn how to locate that lost phone or errant child.
    Track Your phone is the powerful app which helps Android Mobile, tracked it gets lost or stolen. This app notifies you when SIM card changed and begins sending messages automatically according to your predefined list from contacts.
    Mobile tracking is important if you have a habit of often misplacing your phone in the most unlikely places. Download the Mobile Tracker app and find out in detail how and where your mobile has landed in trouble. Powered by Android, this app is about efficient tracking technology and you can rest assured about the location of your lifeline!
    Check out these following features offered by the app:
    • Mobile tracker with name and address
    • Google mobile tracker
    • Mobile tracker software free download
    • Mobile tracker software
    The app contains settings of the time interval in minutes within which your want location tacked. If you set 10 minutes the app will update your location after every 10 minutes. Keep this app on permanently as it does not drain your battery.
    The History contains the address labels which are almost exact to the locations tracked.
    Clicking on the history tag Map of the location tracked will open.
    Where can you use this app :
    - When on tour, you can see all the location history you visited while on tour
    - Install this app on your dear ones to track them where all have they visited.
    Be sure and secure with your mobile with this smart app!