ClimateALERT is a tool to enable the general public the ability to quickly document visual evidence of Climate Change and send to elected government officials.

Climate Change is the stated goal of GeoEngineering, Climate Engineering and Weather Modification programs such as SRM and Stratospheric Aerosol GeoEngineering whereby airplanes inject toxic particles into the atmosphere with the intention of blocking the sun.

These "persistent contrails" are possibly the most dangerous threat the environment and human health faces today.

Notify government legislators and news media in your area today of the visual evidence you are seeing in the skies.

Do your part to prevent the intentional man-made CLIMATE CHANGE caused by GeoEngineering before it is too late.
3:55 AM
Download and use ClimateALERT. You will also be able to see on the real-time map where other people are seeing visual evidence of GeoEngineering taking place in the skies overhead.