Combinations Screen Lock



Combinations Screen Lock
There are number of screen locks are available at different android play stores, But here is one of the secure and most efficient screen lock. The screen lock contains a metal door lock with user customizable sequence of color combination. There are number of possible combinations for the sequence so there is no chance to unlock your screen by hacking or just by clicking the unlock button. The screen lock insures you that your phone device will be secured from any misuse.
The screen lock is easy to use and have many customizable features which you want in any android app.

Features of the screen lock include:
-Better animations and graphics.
-No chance to hack your lock sequence
-Real sounds effects for unlocking and opening of the locking door.
-copper and steel metal door themes.
-it looks like as an original door lock
Let’s secure your device more efficiently with real security metal door screen lock. User’s comments and suggestions will always be welcomed.
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