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    Add commands to Google Now, no root required!
    Android Authority Top 10 Best App of 2014

    As Featured on CNET, LifeHacker, SlashGear, Android Police, Android Authority, Android Central, Droid Life, Android Community, Android Pit, and more!
    "If you are looking for a way to add a few extra voice commands to Google Now, give Commandr a try!" - CNET
    "... if you're using your phone hands free in the car, it can be a life saver" - LifeHacker
    "With the 3rd-party-developed app Commandr, Google Now gets a boost" - SlashGear
    "... meet Commandr, the new in-between service for flipping hardware switches in Google Now" - Android Police

    Google Now Just Got Better
    Now you can use Google Now to control your flashlight, toggle settings, control music playback, and much more!

    Google Now Just Got Personal
    Add your own custom commands through Tasker to make sure your device fits your lifestyle.

    Listening to You
    Vote on new commands or suggest new ones so that we are working on adding the commands you want.

    Improving Quickly
    Don't wait for Google! Updates will be quick and support request responses quicker.

    Unify Your Smartphone
    Access all the features of your device through Google Now so you don't have to remember what app does what.

    Setup and Forget
    Once you setup Commandr, it will always be accessible from Google Now and will only run when needed. It won't slow down your phone or your boot.

    Full Android Wear Support
    Either say "Okay Google" + the command to your watch or open up the full Android Wear app and tap on a command!

    Commands work fully offline! (have to type instead of speak)

    Command List (so far):
    - Flashlight On/Off
    - Wifi On/Off
    - GPS On/Off (some devices)
    - Bluetooth On/Off
    - Wireless Hotspot On/Off
    - Pause/Resume Music
    - Previous/Next Song
    - Read Unread SMS
    - Read Last SMS From Contact
    - Play Google Music Playlist
    - Chatbot (for Siri-like functionality)
    - Cellular Data On/Off
    - Read Unread Gmail
    - Raise/Lower Volume
    - Silence/Unsilence Ringer
    - Set Volume to Percentage
    - Unlock/Lock phone
    - Take a Picture
    - Take a Selfie
    - Shutdown (Root)
    - Reboot Recovery (Root)
    - Restart (Root)
    - Clear Notifications (Root)
    - Wolfram Alpha
    - Send Whatsapp message
    - Enable/Disable Rotation Lock
    - Enable/Disable Sync
    - Night mode (Disable wifi, data, and ringer)
    - Enable/Disable Airplane Mode (Root)
    - Enable/Disable Car Mode

    Developer: Ryan Senanayake
    Graphic Designer: Adriano Loiacono
    Open Source Contributors: Aaron Disibio (firesoul453), Moksh Jawa, flyingtoaster0, Daniel Quah (emansih)

    Special thanks to Moksh Jawa for his outstanding work not only in his open-source contributions, but also in his relentless marketing of the product

    Source code:

    Do not enable Talkback Accessibility service instead of Commandr. If you do this by accident and notice an orange box around tappable items, please see the Talkback support pages to turn off the service.

    Tasker (In-App): Use this for launching a single task
    1. Install Commandr and Tasker - [url][/url]
    2. Navigate to Tasks and press the add button in the bottom-right
    3. Configure the command and keep note of the name
    4. Ensure that Tasker is enabled (icon in top left is colored)
    5. Go to preferences (top-right) > Misc and check "Allow External Access"
    6. In the Commandr app click Tasker
    7. Find the command you created and enable it by tapping the switch top-right
    8. (Optional) edit the phrase that will activate the command

    Tasker (Plugin): Use this for launching multiple tasks
    1. Install Commandr and Tasker - [url][/url]
    2. Under Profiles Click Add
    3. Event
    4. Plugin
    5. Commandr
    6. Configure the phrase to listen for
    7. Add tasks to profile

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