Computer Hardware Basics



The Basics of Computer Hardware: What’s Inside Your CPU?

Topics Covered:

*The FAQ’s of CPU’s
*The Nuts and Bolts of what’s In Your Computer
*Beam Me up Motherboard
*Ten Top Job Responsibilities of the Motherboard
*Got Game? Five Top PC Hardware Accessories to Boost your Performance
*It’s all in the Process: Is Bigger Necessarily Better?
*The Processor Procession - Intel versus AMD Processor Technology
*Gig „Em: How to Decide Which Hard Drive Is Right For You
*Must Have PC Hardware for you’re built from Scratch Computer
*Size Does Matter: In Hard Drives That Is
*You've earned an A+-Top PC Hardware Topics in Studying for A+ Certification
*Forgetful? Five Basic Rules for Memory
*Popularity Contest: The Top Five Most Popular Computer Upgrades
*It’s SCSI, not Scuzzy!
*Getting Graphic: Five How-to’s in Choosing the Best Graphics Card
*The Graphic Details: Three Main things to look for in a Graphics Card
*Plugin Power: Three Top Warning Signs of a Failing Power Supply
*Sound-off about Sound Cards: Top Three Things to Look for
*Search for Latest Computer Hardware - Look Up Quick Results Now!

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