You will never again be too late to cancel a pesky auto-renewing contract, or forget to renew something as important as your driver’s license, credit cards, bankcards, insurances or subscriptions.

Contractnotify is a super-useful app that does just one thing, but does it incredibly well. It reminds you of contracts, memberships and subscriptions that are about to expire.

Using contractnotify couldn’t be simpler. After the quick and easy registration, simply enter the contract name, expiry date, desired notification date and time, and you’re done. Reminders will automatically be sent via e-mail or as a push notification. This simplicity sets contractnotify apart from other notification tools, which are often bloated with unnecessary features and a convoluted interface. Contractnotify couldn’t be more Zen: it does exactly what you need it to do.

You can also use our website to view or add contracts.

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