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As music has become an integral part of life, you may want to take it everywhere or share it with friends on social networking like YouTube. But you will soon find the dilemma: MP4 is widely used on modern devices such as iPod, iPhone and other portable gadgets, while your music is most likely saved in MP3 file format. And YouTube doesn't support the uploading of MP3 files.
- Convert MP3 TO MP4
- MP3 TO MP4 converter
- MP4 to MP3
In most people's eyes, MP3 is a more popular format than MP4. Why convert MP3 to MP4? Here are some seasons. Your iPod may only accept MP4 format. Also, some mobile phones can only play MP4 files. That's why so many people are searching for a solution about how to change MP3 to MP4 on the Internet.

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