Counting is Fun!



Learning how to Count Made Fun
“Counting is Fun” is a great application to teach your kid how to count till 20.
During the counting game, a random number of the same object/animal (a car, a ball, …) is displayed on the screen for your kid to touch them. The repetitive action of counting helps children recognizing the numbers and remembering in which order they appear.

22 Things to Count!
22 different every day objects and popular animals are used in the counting game. This variety helps young kids increase their vocabulary.

Parent Control Counting Range
A child knowing how to count till 5 could be overwhelmed by having to count till 20. To adapt to your kid’s level, go to the settings screen and change the counting range more appropriate for your child.
As he/she improves, just increase the range to keep the level challenging.

The app is beautifully illustrated and animated to please young children.
The female voice is clearly pronouncing the words. Her voice is clear and engaging.
Please note that for now, the game is only in English with an American accent.

Counting is Fun app is safe to use by kids of all ages. This application has NO ADS!. Access to the settings screen is hidden from the kids using parent only button.

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