CRIS Inspect @ ITE



CRIS (Cleanliness Reporting & Inspection System) Inspect, developed by ITE College Central, allows cleaning contractors in ITE Headquarters and College Central to report work done electronically wherever and whenever the cleaning job has been completed, so that the inspection and monitoring can be done more effectively and efficiently online.

CRIS harnesses the power of smartphone technology and taps on the well-established and connected wireless network in the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), Singapore. Hence note that users of this application need to be physically within ITE and have the credentials to access ITE wireless network. This application is also meant only for authorized cleaning contractors, so user name and password to log in to the CRIS server are required.

Note: The description here has been deliberately brief and vague for reasons due to intellectual property protection.

Motivation for CRIS Inspect:
In the Auditor-General report for the financial year 2012/13, AGO (Auditor-General's Office) Singapore highlighted that some public agencies had failed to ensure that regular work done by their term contractors were carried out in accordance with contract requirements and recommended that their inspection procedures be reviewed. CRIS provides a solution whereby technology is used to ensure that contractors submit proof of work done. The online submissions will allow public agencies to inspect and monitor the work done more efficiently as compared to current method of using manual inspection which is not efficient nor viable in practice, given the number of locations that need to be inspected.

CRIS is not just restricted to cleaning services. It can be adapted for any situations where an effective and efficient solution to monitor work done is required. So CRIS is an ideal solution for any organizations, in particular public agencies, who are looking for a solution to enhance their inspection procedures.

You are welcome to contact ITE College Central to enquire how CRIS can benefit your organization.