Custom Switches




    Custom Switches lets u place switch widgets on your home screen enabling you to toggle different system settings. You can add switches of your choice to the widget and change the design as you like. It’s up to you to choose one of several predefined designs and edit them or to create your own design. Due to its configurability, Custom Switches adjusts to every home screen!

    ★ Highly customizable!
    Theme-Engine: Develop your own designs
    ★ (Re)Configure already created widgets
    ★ Switch reordering
    ★ Languages: english and german
    ★ Widget-Sizes: 1x1, 2x1, 3x1, 4x1, 6x1, 8x1
    ★ Tablet-Support!
    ★ 15 switches
    ★ 10 predefined designs

    Supported Switches
    ★ Alarm
    ★ Battery
    ★ Orientation
    ★ Auto Sync
    ★ Bluetooth
    ★ Settings
    ★ Airplane
    ★ GPS
    ★ Brightness (pop-up)
    ★ Camera
    ★ Ring mode
    ★ Volume (pop-up)
    ★ Mobile data
    ★ WI-FI
    ★ WI-FI Access point
    more to come!

    Permissions Explained
    Precise location (GPS): Needed for GPS state (Your location will never be requested!)
    Set an alarm: Needed to open the alarm settings
    Network permissions: Needed for switching WI-FI, checking license etc.
    Bluetooth permissions: Needed for switching Bluetooth
    Control vibration: Needed to vibrate on touch
    Change your audio settings: Needed for switching ring modes, volume switch etc.
    Synchronization permissions: Needed for sync switch
    Modify system settings: Needed for several switches

    This App will NOT transmit any personal data!

    Bug Reports
    Did you find a bug in the app? Did it crash? Send us a mail with a detailed error description to We will take care of it!

    Feature Requests
    Do you have any ideas what is missing in this app? No problem! Send a mail to and tell us!

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