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Are you happy? Or do you need to change something in your life? Work with Daily Mood every day to find out! :D Daily Mood allows to track and analyze your mood and emotions.
One can say it is yet another mood tracking application. It's true. But it is simple and elegant.
Some people may ask what is the value of mood tracking?

I started using it daily mood to record any good or bad emotions I had.
After three weeks I checked the statistics and see that indeed more that 50% of recorded emotions were angry or sad!
Since then I try to improve my stats and things look a bit more yellow and green today...
Mood Tracker features:
> record your emotions with simple 1 click
> track the history of your mood
> analyze statistics of your emotions

* Keep track of your mood daily with automatic reminders
* Compare what makes you happy with the things you spend most time doing
* Better understand yourself using best and worst rating and mood graph
* Share your emotions with friends
* Remember the greatest moments of your life
* Get tips on how to improve your mood and be a happier person
* Share happiest moments of your life with friends on twitter and Facebook
* Predict your mood swings and depression with help of mood graph
* See how your energy and emotions correlate

you can get random mood by shaking your funny , try it ,it's a funny app
soon you will be able to take a selfie mood and share it on facebook, enjoy

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