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Where are we now and where do we want to go next? How do we experience a city if we give away all our decisional power? As from when we offer opposition to our sovereign? The conflict between obedience and self-will which is popping up raising such issues is highlighted by the DECISION MAKER APP in a quite satirical way. That is why this app isn’t just an app but APP ART.

The DECISION MAKER takes ‘pathbreaking’ decisions, as it is usual in a technocratic world. You can trust him or you can mistrust him. It’s your choice. But you have to choose by full consciousness. At each part of the way, meaning at each point of separtation, you are free to query the app. It will give you an answer and expects your obedience. If you reject a command, you has to reckon with a snappy comment. In general the DECISION MAKER observes everything you do, and infers from your behaviour what your personality is.
Finally, as a kind of reward, the DECISION MAKER gives you, his pupil, the possibility to share this result via Twitter.

Usage of the DECION MAKER’s route guidance allows an exploration of urban space far away from the usual beaten paths. At the same time a total devotion opens up a new point of view not only on the flaneur’s surroundings but also to himself. Let it initially be easy or even pleasant to submit one’s own decisions to the electronic companion, it becomes more difficult over time. Thus you’ll notice: self-abandonment needs discipline.

The DECISION MAKER APP is APP ART that aims at classic controverses of free will as they are known by H.G. Frankfurt: Who takes one’s own decisions? And from what point of view are thoses choices free? An example: The DECISION MAKER APP proposes a way that corresponds with your own intention. Are you really following your free will in such a case?

This app is designed for mobile phones and runs optimally on a Samsung Galaxy S3.

Pay attention: This is art! A project of the artist group Goodthingy.

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