Denkou Bluetooth



Bluetooth is chosen.
You can communicate by Bluetooth.

How to use
1. A fellow "Of this device, it's possible to detect it, it's done." Tap
2. Other, "a device is connected. (Stability)", tap
3. When it can be connected, a wild boar indicates controller "and" display, so tap

2. When it's so and it's difficult to connect, "a device is connected. (Unstableness)", tap

I sometimes need matching setting by the model.

An electric bulletin board, the choice is same as a conventional application.
Scrolling is the application it's possible to indicate like an electric bulletin board.
When a tap is done, an indication screen is begun.
When a tap is done during indication, the color changes.
When I slide during indication.
Scrolling speed changes.
It's high for the left and it's slow for the right.
It changes 10 stages.
During indication, screen chief influence?
I return to an inputting screen.

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