Diablo 3 Quest Helper



Need to find out why you can't use the Reset Quests button in Diablo 3? Find that missing quests easily! View completed and incomplete quests for all your Diablo 3 heroes.

See all heroes for your account and which quests are complete/incomplete for all 4 acts.
Save favorite heroes for quick access.
Supports multiple regions (US, EU, KR, TW).
Remembers multiple accounts (for yourself or friends).

Please use the feedback menu item if you encounter any issues, or email me directly (I promise to get back to you within a day!). None of your data is ever saved, and no changes to your Diablo 3 account will ever be made by this app.

internet - The app needs to call Blizzard's Diablo 3 API database to retrieve hero data.
access_network_state - Show error messages when internet is not available.

In Diablo 3, resetting quests allows you get guaranteed legendary item drops from the 5 act end bosses, and higher quest rewards.

This app is open source, and contributions are welcome at https://github.com/dyouyang/D3Quests

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