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Benefits of this app :

1. Instead of having to hand out business cards, this app allows you to create a virtual business card, and then broadcast your business card to other app users who are nearby, for example, to everyone at a business breakfast, conference or trade show.

2. You can view the Digi Cards of other app users nearby, so this app would be useful when you are at an event, and you would like to know a little bit about people before you approach them. It would be a good ice breaker, and a fast way of establishing common ground.

3. This app is an efficient way of gathering the business cards of all the people at an event, when it is not possible to walk around and speak to everyone.

4. This app is an easy way of not losing other peoples' cards, because the app allows you to save their digital card on your phone.

5. If you have ever tried sorting through a mountain of business cards then you will know how tough that can be. This app is a good way of sorting your cards, because you can search them by industry or any other keyword.

6. This app displays the distance of Digi Card users from you, so you will always know when a contact is near by. So it is a good way to arrange face-to-face meetings that are convenient to both of you.

7. This app enables you to quickly find tradesmen or services that are nearest to you in meters - so it encourages local community, and also helps people with shared interests to link up locally.

8. Removes the competition. There may be many people offering the same services in your town, but viewers in your local area will always see YOU at the top, because you are nearest.

9. This app is cheaper than using a printed business card - because it is F R E E !!

Digi Card allows you to network with other people using a digital business card, which you can broadcast to everyone who is in close proximity to your phone and who has the Digi Card app - eg potentially everyone at the same conference, business breakfast or trade fair.

It takes only a few minutes to create your digital business card, which has fields where you can displays your name, job title, company, company address, mobile, email, website, services offered, special offers, usp and services wanted.

The Digi Cards of nearby people are displayed in order of their distance from you in metres. So you can see everyone nearby. And you are able to call any Digi Card simply by clicking on it.

This is a useful tool for any networking meeting, and will help you arrange meetings with new contacts
when they are in your vicinity.

The Digi Card App will allow you to view the business cards of all Digi Card users within a range of 5000 m. If you see a card that you like, then you can save the card. Once saved, a card can be viewed regardless of it's location in the world, and you will be able to see it's current distance from you. So you will know when your saved contact revisits your local area, and you can arrange a meeting with that contact !!

So Digi Card is a great way to arrange face-to-face meetings that are convenient for both of you.

You can also search by keyword, to filter for a particular industry or job title. Filtering by keyword will display all Digi Cards within a radius of 500 kilometres, ordered by distance from you in metres.

The location of all Digi Cards is updated every 5 minutes. Only distance is displayed, so the current location of everyone is kept hidden.

If you are an event organiser, then ask all the visitors to install Digi Card, so that they can network and keep in touch with each other more easily.

Digi Card helps change the way business is done, making it easier to build relationships based on face-to-face.

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