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Finally people attempting to send e-mail within this language with the Android Phone will have the ability to achieve this! Incredulously, there's no default keyboard within this important language within the fundamental options that come with the telephone. There's not one other application that will you to definitely send messages within this language.

One further detail, once you send the e-mail towards the "Mail Application", you may even see some "squared" figures within the subject area, don't be concerned since the e-mail will arrive fine! (recipient might find the e-mail properly, he/she'll avoid seeing individuals figures in many email clients)

Main Features:
✓ Access to native keyboard (Email and web)
✓ Web Keyboard in Arabic
✓ Web Keyboard in Urdu
✓ Web Keyboard in Farsi
✓ Email Keyboard in Arabic with "copy" capabilities.
✓ Email Keyboard in Urdu with "copy" capabilities.
✓ Email Keyboard in Farsi with "copy" capabilities.
✓ Long press in some keys will show some variations of the specific key.

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