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"English Vocabulary By Pictures (PICVOC)" is a permanent free app that helping you to gradually improve your English vocabulary day by day. This app is almost similar with Picture dictionary; however in this new one, vocabulary had been divided into different small groups that helping you to learn without any difficulty.

With PICVOC, the definition of a word was displayed in the form of a drawing or a photograph. This one is useful for all learners (adult and kid) when they want to remember the word in its relation to the picture.

This app inside has categories, list of words or objects, related pictures or images and theirs explanation with obvious and connected audios. Moreover, we can view all the words at a same time in the form of pictures in a selected list.

The English vocabulary category contains these word related Fruit, Vegetable, Food, Vehicle, Wild Animal, Bird and Math… while the combination of functions including: Learn English by topics; English vocabulary Test; English vocabulary description; Example of vocabulary; Favorite vocabulary and Daily vocabulary. We are constantly working each day to add new functions as well as vocabularies to complete this app.

If you detect any problem with our word and function, please do not hesitate to report to us and we will fix it ASAP.

PICVOC brings the chance to easily study English vocabulary whenever and wherever we want. Let‘s download this educational app for free and useful learning.

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