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Extended Mind and Memory Tech was established under the concept of research and development in Dermatoglyphics theory and Mnemonics technology, through Dermatoglyphics our analyst and experts are able to discover so many things about a child or a person including their inborn talent, hidden potentials and best ways to learn etc. We as professional provide advice and suggestions to the people to help them in solving their challenges not only for short term but also for long term. Through Mnemonics we provide some techniques, tools and scientific methods to the students, basically to help them in memorizing things in a faster way and comparatively for long term.

Extended Mind and Memory Tech allows you to get the insights about various techniques related to DMIT and Mnemonics.Extended Mind and Memory Tech app is one of its kind for all your DMIT needs.Explore the possibilities of this new technology with the app of Extended Mind and Memory Tech.

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