Eye Guard – train Your vision



Everyday overexertion and stress adversely affects the eyesight. Therefore, it is important to give your eyes a rest from time to time, and perform daily exercises to prevent potential problems!
Eye Guard provides a unique user-friendly system of reminders that will allow you to adjust the schedule of daily rest and exercises for the eyes. Also there are specially programmed complexes of exercises- training with "Coach".
More than a dozen of the most effective exercises were selected for application-they are simple and don't require a lot of time.
Convenient eyesight testing tables will help to determine the initial state of the eyes, as well as, to monitor progress during training.
Simple and concise interface allows even children to use the app! And for user’s convenience, Eye Guard is equipped with informative widget.
If you spend a lot of time on the computer or simply often overtax your vision, feel that during the day eyes began to get tired or eyesight deteriorated, you should start training now. Spending a few minutes a day, along with the Eye Guard can not only give your eyes a rest, but also greatly improve or even restore vision!

Main features of the app:

- Flexible schedule and notifications settings;
- A set of exercises to improve and maintain the eyesight;
- Tables to test visual acuity;
- Tips to improve vision and eye care;
- Convenient widget;

And all this is absolutely free!

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