Fantastic Color Grab




    Fantastic Color Grab is a simple application which can be used to identify a color name by a simple touch. It also displays the hex value of that color. This application enables you to grab color from galley image and picture take from camera , add some cool functionality to save Colors in database and let the use to set solid color wallpaper .By mean of the application you can compare how two Hex Color code look distinct in variant screen .

    I am sure that you will be satisfied with the app by knowing the advantages of it. The features and functions of it are as follows: To begin with , as you run this app, just press the menu key to see more functions of it. After that you ought to choose one picture from either Camera or Gallery to see how this app works. Then providing that you touch some point of the picture you have already selected ,you are able to catch sight of some information under the picture.The color¡¯s name, RAL, RGB, HEX value are shown obviously and unambiguously.

    Newly, this version differs from another version we designed before.Supposing that you have already activated this app, you are not able to uninstall it successfully. At this time, you are supposed to take measures to solve that. Find ¡°settings¡± firstly, then click ¡°location&security¡±, once more, click ¡°select device administators¡±, ultimately you will see the app, just cancle the option. In terms of the items above, you can success in uninstalling this app.

    Now I will show you some extracts which I make from the famous website wiki certainly with regard to color picker. Let us take a look. A color picker, or color chooser is a utility, customarily found within graphics software or online, used to select colors or create color schemes.A large number of such tools exist on the world wide web that include features such as a color harmonization interface, a color picker, RGB and HSL conversion and manipulation, a collection of saved schemes, and other similar features.