Fingerprint Screen Lock Free



Unlock your Android phone with this Fingerprint Lock! . Get the best customizable fingerprint scanner lock that actually works as a screen lock! Simply run the app and your normal lock screen will be disabled until you exit the app. Get the original and best customizable lock screen for Android!
******* Android doesn't has finger scanner. Its fake application but work like true scanning by using animation counter techniques. Set ANIMATION COUNTER to unlock screen and apply on fingerprint *******

Just remember how many times scanning line scan your fingerprint and prank with friends.

Wouldn't you love to be able to scan your finger to unlock your phone? Same feature as in iPhone 5S?
There is a trick to unlock your phone using the fingerprint scanner. Select scanner unlock pattern which is swipe up, swipe down, swipe left or swipe right.
- Looks like a real fingerprint scanner.
- Best animations and graphics.
- Specially designed to work with new HD smartphones and tablets.
- Actually locks your phone by preventing button presses!.
- Customize the Controls

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