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    Published: 2014-07-11, by .

    Create, keep, and share your own recipes in an attractive minimalist symbol format

    • Really cool and simple symbols
    • Clean, attractive visual design
    • Save and share your recipes
    • Recipe creator not intuitive
    • Ineffective tutorial

    "What's for dinner?"

    Flavourit has streamlined the way recipes are read and written, which, as a kitchen enthusiast, is pretty damn neat. Sure, there are zillions of recipe apps out there, but this one offers recipe design in a way so thoughtful and full of cool, quickly understood symbolism, that I really want to love it.

    Browse the small handful of recipes already included in the app - my guess is that this will expand along with the community. The meat is in creating your own, though - which is at once fun and frustrating. You'll have to translate the stereotypical step 1, step 2, step 3 of traditional recipes into the language of the app, which means setting up a series of steps using the unique symbols representing whisking, sauteeing, chiffonading, etc etc. Specify amounts, temperatures, and times as well. If you can manage to navigate the creation menus successfully, you'll end up with something quite attractive.

    And therein lies the issue: it's simply cumbersome to use. Sure, there's a tutorial, but it's all words and no actually leading you through creating a recipe. If you're anything like me, you'll find yourself quickly tapping at random just to get the thing to dice some onions.

    It's a splendid idea and a very attractive visual design. Perhaps a more effective tutorial could make it more immediately useful.

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