FlickPay is an exciting new mobile payment application for people who want a faster and more secure way to pay in store. FlickPay is the smarter choice when it comes to mobile payments.

FlickPay enables you to:
• make fast and secure payments straight from your phone
• track your spending
• find great merchants around you
• receive and redeem vouchers and coupons from participating merchants
• **NEW!** earn loyalty stamps at your favourite participating merchants
• **NEW!** Automatically redeem your vouchers and coupons instead of having to scan a QR code twice

FlickPay is currently available in South Africa and you can use it right now at any vida e caffe nationwide, as well as a growing range of merchants including coffee shops, restaurants, bars, cafes and other retail stores & vendors. Check out the ‘merchant’ tab in the app for all participating stores.

We welcome your feedback – please send it to info@flickpay.co.za

FlickPay is completely free to download and use. Simply:
1. Download FlickPay,
2. Register and choose a PIN
3. Securely link your visa, mastercard or cheque card
4. Start paying the smarter way at any participating merchant

If you are a merchant and would like to find out more about our end-to-end mobile transacting solution, including:
• ​mobile payments,
• coupons and vouchers,
• loyalty stamp cards;
then please visit www.flickpay.co.za to learn more and register.

New in version 3.0:
• ​auto-redemption of coupons and vouchers
• loyalty stampcards

Supported Android devices
• Large screen (minimum 4 inch / mdpi 640dp x 480dp) and above. The app is written to support minimum API 11, Android 3.0 and above.

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